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All credit card news Bad credit, credit repair Balance transfer, debt consolidation Best credit cards Breaking news Business credit cards Cash back cards Cashing In Q&A columns Credit account management Credit Card Help Credit card videos Credit scores, credit reports Emerging payment systems: Prepaid, debit, gift cards Expert Q&A Frequent flyer programs, airline rewards Get to the Points Infographics Innovations, features, new products Legal, regulatory, privacy issues Low interest, zero percent cards Opening Credits Podcast Products Rate report Reaping Your Rewards Research, statistics Reward programs Shopping Speaking of Credit Student credit cards, young credit The Credit Guy To Her Credit Your Business Credit Credit card trends - Credit -- Get ready for new rewards and ways to pay, but carrying a balance on your card will become more expensive ...

(See Credit card trends)Dad used my credit card to go on vacation - Credit -- You can file fraud charges and get the charges removed if your dad was not made an authorized user on the card. (See Credit card theft)CFPB report: Deferred interest problems grow - Credit -- The U. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau shifted away from criticism of the consumer credit card market in the latest edition of its biennial report ...

(See Card disputes and lawsuits)I mistakenly paid off my late husband's card. -- The odds of getting an issuer to refund a payment are slim to none, unless it was made to a stranger's account. (See Card payment refund)3 major mobile payment security risks, and how to avoid them -- Experts say mobile payments are safer than physical cards and cash, but they aren't hacker-proof ...

(See Mobile payments)Federal Reserve raises rates for third time this year -- The U. central bank raised its benchmark rate a quarter point – meaning higher APRs on most credit cards – and projected more hikes in 2018. (See Fed raises rates; card APRs to increase)Rate survey: Average card APR dips to 16.14 percent -- Dec.

Currently, most late payment notices are sent via email or U. -- Until the account ages off your credit report, make the most of this time by adding positive information to your credit files. (See Charged-off debt)Gas pump and ATM skimmers: How to spot them -- How can you spot card skimmers?

Use your eyes, your fingers, a free Android app and your common sense to cut your fraud risk, but nothing is foolproof. (See How to spot card skimmers)Card companies go above and beyond for military members -- Credit card companies offer a wide range of money-saving benefits exclusive to military families, but these perks aren’t widely advertised. (See Credit cards for the military)Even if you win a chargeback billing dispute, the merchant can still sue -- You must first make a 'good faith effort' to work it out with the store ...

You are nearly 80 and say you may not have time to build up a credit record.

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Banks only routinely started relaying information about bank account overdrafts and mortgages to credit reference agencies from around 2000 onwards.

I applied for my credit file to all three credit reference agencies and was amazed to find that the only entry concerned a store card I held briefly a few years ago and there was no other credit history.